Who needs faith when there is Science? LOL

The moon is just the right size to stabilize Earths orbit – it keeps the wobble out.

To small earth wobbles,

To big and tidal forces would wreak havoc on weather patterns and make our coastlines uninhabitable.

The planet Jupiter seems to be in just the right place & just the right size!

It acts as a vacuum cleaner for comets and asteroids.

To small no protection

To big it disrupts the orbits of the other planets.

The mass of Earth is Just Right!

To big and it retains all the poisonous gases produced making life impossible.

To small and it cannot hold its “breath” oxygen

The Planetary Orbits Are Just Right As Well!

All are nearly circular – except for Pluto which means that planetary impacts are quiet rare! – This is good for life!

Quote Kaku: “To some, this is evidence of a deity who has deliberately arranged the laws of nature to make life, and us, possible. But to other scientists, it means we are the by-product of a series of lucky accidents.”

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