We must preach against sin

In response to a post on another website about preaching the 10 commandment.

I am a grace beleiver and follow Paul as instructed by scripture Because I am a gentile saved by the Grace gospel delivered to him directly by my saviour. And yes I believe that we should try to live as much as lies within us to Gods laws. But remener not everyone has the same faith and read Romans 12 then 14. Jesus knew we could not live according to the law that is why Abolished it for justification but admonishes us to adhere to it for sanctification…..also remember that because we are ALL SINNERS Paul preaches about the hidden sins of the mind …..strife..emulation..covetousness …hatred…envy….those are the tough ones because there is no outward evidence of those sinful acts committed by the mind. So a preacher has to be careful not to teach leaglism which is what Christ and Paul HATED about the Pharisees. Remember Paul’s biggest admonishment was for charity..if a person is selfless and charitable there is no room for sin to take root..

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