Something Most People Don’t Realize

Here is something most people don’t know. King David (old testament) was an adulterer, Moses murdered someone, The Apostle Peter Cursed and Swore. NONE OF THEM ARE IN HELL.WHY????? The only way to Hell is REJECTING GODS METHOD OF SALVATION. Different methods throughout time, same end result. REJECTING HIS SALVATION IS REJECTING HIS SAVIOR. PERIOD what you do doesn’t send you to Hell, What you think will. Old Testament required sacrifice at an alter, New testament only require a belief in ONE LAST sacrifice. Stop making it so hard when all you have to do is believe ……….. Remember if you don’t believe any of this and you end up right in the end, nothing bad happens to me. If I’m right I will be fine and You wont be, either way the odds are always in my favor! I would rather have 100% security than a 50% chance of being screwed for eternity

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