So you have faith?

So you say you have faith?
What kind of faith do you actually have and how did you get it?
Did you go to a church service that got you emotionally high?
Did a life changing experience drive you back to the religion of your youth?
Did you have an epiphany and decide to change the way you think,
Did a cult knock on your door and pursuade you to change your belief?
Do you beleive that just beleiving in God is good enough?
There is only one Faith and one way to actually obtain it.
It is not emotional or willed, it is given to you through this one simple precept by the entity that created it.
Romans 10
So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.
If you get your faith through any other experience, practice or belief it is simply yours and not Gods. Rememeber that religion is trying to please God in a manor of which He did not ask.
If your not getting your faith through instruction from scripture your not getting it from God….PERIOD

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